Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The site https://www.pulceshop.com is an on-line shop, e-commerce, B2C, where is possible since 2003 view, choose and buy in security craft items of own production exposed on public by digital communication system of internet connected at the address https://www.pulceshop.com referred to the craft shop ‘La Pulce con la tosse’ with registered office in La Maddalena, Sardinia, Via Domenico Millelire, 51. The surfer after a view of all sale conditions listed below, will have the opportunity to choose and buy the items, using the sale system of the site. Below there are reported the Rules and Conditions of Sale of La Pulce con la tosse, which remain valid until they will be changed by the seller and valid since the moment when they will be published until a new up-date.

Purchase Methods
The site www.pulceshop.com is an online shop that gives, with the respect of the low, condition from art.3 and 4 of Decr. Legisl. N°185/1999, the opportunity to the buyer to follow a well defined policy:

  1. The buyer will create a personal account with reserved ID and Password being the only responsible of secrecy and internal use on the site;
  2. Accept the sale conditions listed in this document in the Sale Contract at the moment of the registration, paying attention on filling out all the mandatory fields, giving the requested data; is severely prohibited the use of fake information;
  3. Proceed with the purchase by the pay system used in the site.

All the prices published on the site www.pulceshop.com are related to the prices of the items available on the craft shop LA PULCE CON LA TOSSE, in La Maddalena, via Domenico Millelire, 51. They include the I.V.A. tax and they represent the public offers as per art. 1336 c.c. So in case of on line purchase, using the digital system offered, in some cases will be applied an additional cost for transportation. It will be possible view prices and rates before the purchase in the dedicated area on the site, close to the selected item and clicking the dedicated button, where will appear the list of the national and international transportation rates, based on cost/distance/weight, calculated by the system and added at the total, once received the purchase confirm. The buyer is able to complete the purchase processing all the steps listed on the paying method chosen; once confirmed and sent, the buyer will receive an e-mail of confirm, where will be listed the purchase method and the related purchase costs. The order of the items will be processed after the reception of the payment. When the order will be processed, the buyer will receive an e-mail with the list of description and total of the purchase, included the transportation cost, or he/she will be immediately contacted in case of unavailability of the item using the information given with the registration.

In the site www.pulceshop.com the paying method occurs with PAYPAL, even if not PAYPALl holders but taking advantaged from this platform and paying with credit cards Mastercard,Visa/Postepay, Carta Prepagata Paypal, Discover, American Express, Carta Aura; while who is PAYPAL card holder can go through the system using the Paypal account.

Recess Rights
As per Art.64  apply recess rights, the customer that for any reason is not satisfied of the item received, has the right to recess the stipulated contract, without any penalty and without specify the reason, within 10 working days from the completion of the contract. The recess will have to be expressed  within 10 working days by a record delivery letter to the following address: La Pulce con la tosse, Via Domenico Millelire, 51 07024 La Maddalena OT, in the mean time by fax at 0789720052 or by email to info(at)pulceshop.com, only if confirmed by a record delivery mail. The customer cannot apply the recess right for items personalized and tailor-made or, for their nature cannot be sell to other customers. Within the above deadline of 10 days, the items will have to be sent back to La Pulce con la tosse intact and in their original package, with no loss. The recess transportation cost will be charged to the customer as per Italian low art. 67 comma 3 Codice del Consumo. Once received the request of recess La Pulce con la tosse will provide to withdraw the amount paid by the customer within 30 days, and with currency banking within the 15th working days since the day of the communication of the recess. It will be care of the customer provide with the number of bank account were proceed with the money transfer (cod. ABI,CAB, Conto corrente, iban)

In order to be able to make a purchase on the site www.pulceshop.com is mandatory to be registered. In this case, will be requested only the information strictly essential to provide to process the order and delivery of the item purchased. Through the correct and complete observance of the privacy regulations , La Pulce con la tosse will guarantee the respect of your privacy, giving you the assurance that your personal information won’t be used for any reason without your explicit and specified authorization.